Dress Color Codes for Valentines day

Pink color dress code : Pink is always a cute and lovable color and loved by most of the females. If a person wears Pink color, it signifies the person had accepted the valentine proposal.

Orange color dress code :Orange is a pure color and signifies that the person is going to propose with a pure heart on the Valentine days.

Blue color dress code : Blue is the sea color and Valentine’s day blue color indicates that I am free.

Green color dress code : Green color means the word “go” , it means acceptance of the proposal on the valentines days.

Black color dress code : Black is a negative color and denotes the person is not interested and bothered about love.

Yellow color dress code : Yellow color is of fire and fury and this color signifies broke-up in the valentine days week.

Red colored dress code : Red color means to stop and tells the person is not interested.

Gray color dress code : Gray color means the person is not interested in the valentine days proposal.

White colored dress code : Wearing White color on the valentine days means that the person is already booked and already in love.