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Am I Friendzoned? 10 Friend Zone Signs you must know

If you are reading this post then you might have one question in mind “Am I Friendzoned” right? then let me tell you that I can understand what you are going through. Are you hoping to start a romantic relationship without knowing what your crush thinks about you? Are you confused whether you are her heartbeat or just a friend? If the answer yes, then you are in the right place to know about it. There are many common friend zone signs to decide whether you are in the friend zone or not. We are listing the top ten friend zone signs. Go through it and find out your status in the life of your crush.

Am I Friendzoned - Friend zone signs

Top 10 Friend Zone Signs that says you are Friendzoned

If you have any doubt that Am I friendzoned ?, then check these 10 friend zone signs which say your position in the life of your crush. Good luck.

1. Are you the one who starts the conversation?

The most important question to know whether you are in her friend zone or not is to ask yourself who takes the first step to start the conversation? If, in the 99% of the case, you are the one who starts the conversation, then 99% chance is there that you are just a friend. If you would have been more than a friend, then you could always have found a simple ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ texts for the initial days. Not getting this kind of messages from your crush is the first friend zone sign you should worry about.

2. What are you talking about?

After the conversation starts, the next question that you should ask yourself is about the topic that you talk about. Does your crush talk about the person whom they like? Does your crush tell their views about the handsome guy/girl  that keeps on sending them mixed signals? Does he/she share their feelings about everything without caring about your views? If the answer is yes, then again chances are there that you are in the friend zone. It is because when a person starts liking someone, in the initial days, a feeling of slight nervousness exists. If you can’t see that nervousness, then perhaps your crush likes you only as a friend.

If you have a doubt Am I friend zone and your crush keeps telling you about the one he/she likes, this dangerous friend zone signs says you are in the friend zone.

3. Did your crush introduce their friends to you?

Do you know who is your crush best friend is? Did your crush introduce you to their best friend? Did you go to a picnic with their friends and enjoyed a lot? What did your crush introduce you in front of their friends? All such questions matter because if you are just a friend, your crush will introduce you to all friends. But if you are someone special for your crush, then he/she will introduce you to only best friend. This is because, in such a situation, both of you like each other but still are not in a relationship, which makes the matter personal!

4. You are not the priority

Am i friendzoned ?

When you come up with a plan, does your crush agree to stick to the plan without making any modification? If yes, then you are more than a friend. If you receive a message saying, ‘Wait, let me check my schedule’, then you are seriously not important for her. Whenever, you like someone, you make them your priority. The priority decides in what place you stand in her life.

5. Emotional conversations? What’s that?

There comes a point when a person becomes emotionally vulnerable and speaks about their deepest fears, weakness and failures. Crush’s deep conversations can’t take place with everyone. If your crush has shared such conversations with you, then possibilities are there that you are not in the friend zone. Be careful in accessing her behaviour when you share your emotional breakouts in front of your crush. See whether your crush is able to emotionally connect with you or not.

6. Short term memory loss?

Does your crush forget about your birthday, favourite colour, likes and dislikes? If your crush forgets about these stuff and simply smiles and says that she/he doesn’t remember you saying all these stuff, then you should know that you are not getting the proper attention. This lack of attention is another friend zone sign that indicates that you are in the friend zone.

7. Is there a physical attraction?

Friend zone signs

The shy desire to touch each other accidentally can’t happen with every person. Such sparks fly only when you are deeply into someone. If such accidents where you touch each other’s hand is missing, then you should realize that you are nothing but a friend to your crush.

8 No effort in her appearance

This is one of the best friend zone sign to consider to get a proper answer for your question Am I friendzoned. If your crush is okay in dressing in any manner in front of you, then clearly he/she is not in a mood in impressing you. People tend to improve their looks and dressing sense when they are around their special one. The want to look special for their special person. If such an effort is missing in your crush when they come to meet you, then he/she is clearly not into you.

9. No flirting

Forget about sexual tensions, does your crush flirts with you? Forget about flirting with you, does your crush flirts back when you flirt with them? Are those flirts very girly or they are like that of a mature woman? A girly flirt will tell you that she treats you just as a friend while if she flirts with you like a mature woman then she is sending you the signal that she expects more from you.

10. You have been trying since a long time

If you have been trying to tell the crush about your feelings because you are not sure about their feelings for you, then you must know that your sixth sense is trying to convey a very important message to you. Did you get me? If you have been trying damn hard to get your crush attention but still your efforts are leading you nowhere, then perhaps you should stop trying now.

Suggestion: If you feel you are friendzoned, you can test your friend zone level here.

So, these are the top ten friend zone signs to know whether you are in the friend zone or now. If you can relate to more than 6 points listed here, then you should give up the hope of a romantic relationship. But still, if you want to keep hoping, you can do it. The easier way of finding whether you are in the friend zone or not is to ask your crush directly. This will spare you from many sufferings! Hope your doubt about “Am I Friendzoned” is cleared. All the best for your relationship. Don’t forget to share the good news with us.