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How to Friend zone a Guy? – For Girls

Do you have a guy in your life who has misunderstood the bonding of friendship with you? Do his actions have started irritating you because instead of a friend, he is behaving like your boyfriend now? Many of the guys have this habit of approaching indirectly to the girl, as a result he starts doing stupid stuff that can make a girl feel weird. If you think your friend is trying to cross the line of the friendship, it is a high time that you should give him indications so that he goes back to his place an again. Are you now thinking about the ways to friend zone a guy? You don’t need to find out the ways alone, I shall do that for you. Today, in this post I will tell you about the top 10  ways to friend zone a guy. Shhh! It’s a girl secret.

how to friend zone a boy

How To Friend zone A Boy without hurting him much?

Many girls everywhere will face this kind of problems with boys. Basically, boys over understand the girls behavior and start showing feelings very quickly and on other hand girl treat him only a friend. Here comes the problem, now girl should send signals to the boy that he is friendzoned. Here is simple way to do it.

Dear Girls, If you really love him, Kindly express your feelings ASAP. Don’t keep him in Friend Zone even for fun. He’ll face mental pain which is painful than physical pain. Your relationship starts only when you express your love.

Just laugh and give a shrug

how to friend zone a boy

If the guy starts saying or justifying the fact that both of you will look good together, you only need to laugh and shrug off the topic. Don’t discuss it and change the topic quickly. Make sure that he notices that you have stopped the discussion or changed the topic deliberately. This will make the guy feel uncomfortable because he will realize that his words were not valued. Do it as many times as the guy talks about it. Sooner or later, he will stop talking about it. This will surely help you to friend zone a guy

Show your witchy side

Does he keep on admiring you? Does he keep on telling you how different you are from the rest of the girls? He wants to get in a relationship with you due to obvious reasons, which might also include your behavior. He perhaps thinks of you as an angel, who can’t do anything wrong. The time has come to prove him wrong. Show your witchy side to him, do the things that he doesn’t like. When you will do stuff against his wishes, he will start disliking you slowly and then, he would love to stay within the boundary of the friendship. He will happily stay in your friend zone after watching your witchy side. I hope showing your witchy side will friend zone a guy immediately.

Where is your friend circle?

friend zone a guy friend

Never ever go out with him alone because this might send him the wrong signal. He would start thinking that you consider him someone more than a friend, so you are totally comfortable when there is no one except both of you. Don’t build up his expectation by creating such a situation. Whenever he asks you out, either decline the invitation or invite your entire friend circle. So, the next time when your friend ask you to help her and shouts at you asking, ‘How to friend zone a guy?’ You can shout back and ask, ‘Where is your friend circle?’

Hugs? No way

freind zone a boy

After gifting you a birthday cake, chances are there that he will try to hug you. A friendly hug is never a problem but in this situation, you know that he considers you more than a friend. So keep away from the physical intimacy. Plus, a hug is a gesture that can be related to both physical attachment and emotional attachment. As you don’t want any attachments other than friendship, with a bit firmness you will also have to decline the friendly hug. Yeah, this is the way to friend zone a guy indirectly.

Your ex-boyfriends will come to your rescue

Talk to him about your past relationships. Talk about your ex-boyfriends, about their likes, dislikes, hobbies and any random kinds of stuff. He will be jealous but keep on talking about them with a smile on your face, to make him feel that you miss that golden period of time. When you will talk about ex-boyfriend in such a manner, your friend will think that your ex-boyfriend who isn’t in your life now is still in your heart. This is obviously not the truth! But what’s the harm if he assumes this? Try not to overdo this part, because this will be surely painful for the guy. This is one the best way to send friend zone sign to him.

Your crush will come to your rescue

Tell your friend how much you like that guy who looks at you quite often. Tell him, how much you want to be with that guy. Show him any random guy in the crowd and tell him that you are so in love with that guy. Ask his opinions about that guy. This might be a bit painful for your friend, but if he is really your friend, he will take a back step. We know honesty is the best policy, but a bit of lie has never harmed anyone. So, let’s do this. It’s one of the sure shot way to friend zone a guy.

Doesn’t “Bro” sounds cool?

friend zone your boy

Boys use the word ‘sis’ to friend zone a girl and you should use the word ‘bro’. You are the cool girl in his life who only uses cool words. The number one word that you should be using when you are addressing him is ‘Bro’. Isn’t that the perfect way by which you can trap him the friend zone for the entire life? Use this word frequently, so that the fact that you can’t together stick to his mind permanently. Each and every time, after that, when he will try to approach you, the word, “Bro” will echo in his mind and he will surely move back.

Ask him to get a girlfriend

Behave like a perfect friend because that’s what you are. Friendship is the thing that you need with this guy and don’t you know a good friend always give a good relationship advice to their best buddies? Try to match him with another girl from your friend circle, but do that girl a favor by confirming whether she likes him or not. If she likes him, then without a second thought, send them in a date and if she doesn’t like him, then well, you have to put more effort for searching another girl for him! When he will see that you are trying so hard to fix him with some other girl, he will understand that he is in your friend zone. Asking him to get a girlfriend and helping him to get into relationship will helps you to friend zone a guy.

Split the bill

Does he always insist on making the payment for the things that you have purchased or eaten? If he does that, then you should make it clear to him that you are capable of making your own payment. Split the bill, if both of you go together for eating or shopping. He isn’t your boyfriend/husband, so you have to stop treating him like that. And yeah, with the splitting of the bill, comes another rule, say no to his casual gifts.

Let’s say it straight forward

Did your friend approach you directly and told you about his feelings? Well, if he did that, it’s a good news for you because he has made things easier for you. You don’t have to pretend now or send him indirect signals of your disapproval. Tell him directly that you consider him just a friend and you don’t want to ruin your friendship. When you tell him this in a straightforward manner, take care of your tone. You should remember that you are his friend, so keep your tone friendly and not rude.

So, are you done reading all the ways of how to put your guy back into the friend zone? If you apply all the above-mentioned ways for showing him that he is just a guy who belongs to your friend zone, no chances of failure is there. I can totally understand that doing this will be a problem for you but still you have to understand the fact that the solution lies ahead of this problem. You might feel bad for a moment, but then it will give you a satisfaction of lifetime. Plus isn’t it good to remove the false hopes that the guy is building for you? Trust me when I say that if you do things that I have asked you to do, you will be doing a favor to both of you. Do leave a comment if any of the ways helped you to friend zone a guy.