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How to Friend Zone a Girl? – Guys Version

In our recent guide, we wrote about how to friend zone a boy and here comes the same for guys. Do you want to remain as her friend but she keeps on constantly blurting out her feelings for you? I know that it’s is not less than a torture. Very rarely, a girl says about her feelings, if your friend has approached you in a very straightforward manner, you should know that she is madly in love with you. And putting her in a friend zone will be a herculean task. This is a rare case. 95% of the girls leave indirect hints for you to catch her. Most of these 95% girls, don’t even realize that their indirect hints have now become direct hints. When such a situation arrives, I can totally understand that the girl can become damn sticky. Are you constantly thinking of ways to turn her down? Are you constantly thinking not only about ways to turn her down but ways to turn her down in a soft manner because you believe that girls are sensitive?

how to friend zone a girl

In this special post, I shall share with you many ways to friend zone a girl. Putting a girl in a friend zone isn’t an easy task but still you need to do this!

How To Friend zone A Girl?

Please think twice before sending a girl to your friend zone. If girls start loving, they love to the core. If you feel your girl’s love is fake, then no issues friend zone her.

1. Don’t reply

how to friend zone a girl

Girls have this habit of sending ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’ messages, each and every day without failing if she is interested in building a relationship. Do you know what does that mean? It means that a moment after she wakes up, you are on her mind and she likes to sleep thinking about you. Any lover would love such kind of remembrance but as you are not her lover, it can become a terrible experience for you. Whenever she sends such sweet messages and heart touching quotes, never reply back. Possibilities are there that she will stop doing it after a week or two. This is the best way to friend zone a girl.

2. Flirt with someone else

Flirt in front of her with another friend of yours. Go and praise some other girl in front her. This will hurt her a bit, jealousy does that. But she will get the indication that you don’t want her in your life as a girlfriend. To keep your friend safely in the friend zone, praise and flirt with as many girls as you can in front of her but never flirt with your friend. She will surely later think why don’t you flirt with her?

3. Don’t be a gentleman

A man should actually behave like a gentleman but when you want to friend zone a girl, then you should know that the manners of a gentleman is a big NO. This is because your friend might think that you are behaving like a gentleman because you love her. She might misinterpret you actions and behaviors. As you don’t want to give her any wrong hint, behave like a normal man and not like a gentleman. Let her see the bad side of you.

4. No Touching

Did you earlier play with her hair, thinking that she is your very good friend and you can trouble her by messing her hair? If you did that, then my dear friend, it is now the time for you to stop that. For a guy, touching someone might not be that personal but if you think like a girl, you won’t be able to count the number of interpretations that she might assume for a mere touch. So, the rule number 4 to
friend zone a girl is maintain a physical distance. That is the reason we asked this question in our Friend Zone Game.

5. Did you have an ex-girlfriend?

If you were ever in a romantic relationship in the past, talk to your friend about it. Tell her how much you miss your ex-girlfriend, even if you don’t. Tell her that you are so badly hurt by the breakup that you can’t even think of coming in a relationship for the next twenty years. Tell her that you want to write a novel based on your love life because a better lover story can’t be created. Make her feel that she can’t love you to that extent. This might sound funny, but actually it works to friend zone a girl.

6. Ask her how to please your crush

Tell her that you are so in love with that cute girl in the corner. Ask her to help you for impressing that girl. To friend zone a girl, one of the best things that you can do is to gift something to your crush and nothing to your friend. Maybe a sweet thank you can be said for her suggestion of sending a gift to your crush? I know, this is mean but trust me when I say that it will work.

7. You are like my little sister

how to friend zone a girl

Tell your friend that she is very cute and you feel like that you are talking to your younger sister when you are talking to her. Pamper her and gift her many kinds of stuff but end up saying the word ‘Sis’. Well, I know this sounds confusing because in my previous point I asked you not to gift her anything now I am asking you to shower gifts on her. But there’s a catch in this and that is, you are treating her like your ‘Sis’. She might step back at that very instant when that word leaves your mouth. You can even tell her that both of you are not only friends but also can win an award for the best siblings. This is one the best way to friend zone a girl, the word ‘sister’ is damn powerful here.

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8. Ask her to get a boyfriend

Start giving her relationship advice’s to keep friend zone a girl. Fix her up with a good friend of yours and ask them go out on a date. When you are doing this just make sure that you are not pushing her forcefully with someone. If you are not able to fix her with any guy, then don’t mind because you still can ask her to get in a relationship with someone. When you will constantly poke her to get in a relationship, she will realize that you want to send her away.

9. Time for you to forget her birthday

When I am saying that it’s time for you to forget her birthday, I am not asking you to keep yourself away from her on her birthday. You must wish her on her birthday because she is your friend. But in order to keep her in the friend zone, make sure that you don’t wish her as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Wish her in the morning or in the evening, in a very casual manner. Make it a big day for her, but remember that your actions should be casual.

10. Text her frankly

If the above nine ways to friend zone a girl doesn’t work, then text her. Do you know what should you text her? You should politely say in your text that you value your friendship and you don’t want to lose her, but you can’t be her boyfriend. Say her everything in a straightforward manner and at the end of the text, apologize and say that she deserves a guy who is much better than you.

Are you feeling thankful to me now? Well, you shouldn’t because doing something in the real life is a lot tougher than you have thought in your imagination. Go with one of the above ways, which according to you will hurt her least. If the least amount of pain doesn’t work, go on increasing the magnitude slowly but politely. If you are able to successfully friend zone a girl, do let me know. I would love to hear about your struggle! Till then, take care.